Terms and Conditions

I acknowledge that this application is for a parking permit for the QEIIMC site and is only recognised as such in my assigned car park(s).

I understand issuing the permit does not guarantee parking and that parking may not be available from time to time.

I agree to abide by the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre (Delegated Site) By-laws 1986 as amended.

The QEIIMC Trust and Wilson Parking accept no liability for the loss of, or damage to, vehicles parked in any car park operated and managed by either on the QEIIMC site.

I agree to inform the Parking Department of any changes to the information provided on this form. I understand that failure to inform the Parking Department may result in the revocation of my permit.

I understand that the appropriate fee, according to the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre (Delegated Site) By-laws 1986, will need to be paid via credit card, EFTPOS or cash payments.

I hereby undertake to display the issued permit in the manner required.

I understand that the QEIIMC Trust reserves the right to withdraw my permit or change my allocated parking area.

I understand that the permit issued to me remains the property of the Board of SCGH (Delegate). It is non transferable and will be surrendered on leaving or on demand by an Authorised Person.

I acknowledge a replacement permit will incur a charge.

I have read the above and agree to abide by the conditions as set out by the Board of SCGH on behalf of QEIIMC Trust.

I understand that, should I knowingly and deliberately make a false statement, I will be disqualified from the allocation process. I understand that if this form has not been completed fully, it will not be considered for the application process. I understand that the information provided on this form will be subject to verification by my Head of Department/Manager.

I agree to the terms and conditions and wish to proceed